Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need a break

My summer break has just begun. I was really looking forward to it after 9 months of work and a zillion years of stress. Images of waking up late, lazing in bed, spending quality time with the husband would flit through my mind all through April. Come May and I am still waking up late, lazing in bed is out of the question because my pup needs to go poop and quality time with the husband is non - existant cos all I've been doing is surfing the net or visiting the dentist. My trip to Mahableshwar was cancelled too! I hope things begin to look up from tomorrow.

Spike has begun taking an avid interest in cats of all sizes. He is also constantly on the look out to run out of the house unsupervised. When he does that he unintentionally ends up terrorizing all the little kids playing outside.


  1. when school starts, ur gonna start cursing urself again. spike probably thinks hes gonna see his mother on the road somewhere

  2. hahaha. only 9 days left for the drudgery to begin :(