Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my kids

A few lines describing each child in my class.

I haven't mentioned their names for obvious reasons

Loves to laugh, loves to play
Loves to share her thoughts all day
Loves pickles and pasta, especially homemade
Obma’s kids she loved, when with Miley they stayed.

Little miss bookworm surely she is
At penning poems she's really a wiz
Always scoring aces in everything she does
Her crazy antics sets the class abuzz

As cute as a button, is this little girl
She loves to dance, she loves to twirl.
With her braces and glasses, she’s adorable
Study or play, she is always responsible

Smart, alert and mature,
To her nothing ever is a chore.
Completion of assignments she will ensure
Class for her is never a bore.

Little pigtails and an endearing smile,
Being enthusiastic and social is her style.
The forbidden word she just can’t avoid,
But by all other rules she’ll try to abide.

Petite and pretty comes to mind
To everyone she is always kind.
It’s rather often that she falls sick,
But to catch up with work, she is really quick.

A bundle of energy that she is,
At acting she’s really a whiz.
Athletics and food, those are her fave
About them she’ll always rave.

Curious, intelligent, responsible, kind
Those are the words that spring to my mind.
Dislikes idlis and dosas and all things healthy
Tell me, tell me, Who is she?

Quiet, obedient, polite and gentle,
He never is temperamental.
Rarely in trouble, this boy you’ll find
Always has a riddle or a joke in mind.

Quiet with a mischievious gleam in his eye
A game of pen-fight, ever ready to try.
Sensitive but sweet is this boy.
Fills my class up with joy.
Tallest in class, energetic and spry
He is truly a cool guy.
Ever kind, he’s a good friend,
A helping hand he’ll always lend.

Loves to talk, loves to play,
Loves to have a fun-filled day.
Hates missing athletics, that is true.
Who is this boy, I ask you?

New to the school, new to the class,
But look at him, he’s learnt so fast.
Looks after his brother, oh so well,
His name starts with K, does it ring a bell?

this one I wrote for megha. she was extremely encouraging the night i was writing these verses (i was working on a deadline)

She’s a girl who’s beautiful and witty
What she loves best is the city
Goa is her favourite place
In no time you’ll see her fighting her first case


  1. Loved this post... I like these four line poems, I made up a few long back when I was in the special school. Here it is...

    I know a place called Santhi Nilayam
    And it's a fun place to be
    It's a school for special children
    And they mean a lot to me

    There's a kid named Jasper
    Who is a little don
    Confident is his nature
    He will never make you frown

    And we have a little king
    "Hansel" is what we say
    He likes it when you sing
    And let him have his way!

    Next is my favourite kid, Carlton
    He's destroys things in his path, like a hurricane
    He hates his uniform and chews off the button
    Though he behaves himself at the sight of a cane.

    Only got that far... anyway, your kids all sound great. Nice descriptions...

  2. they are great kids. im happy i get to teach them this year too

  3. hehehhehe..u finally posted it. thanks :D

    i dont understand how guys can come up with poems so easily. i was shocked when u told me u finished them all in less than a day. now u shud keep making up poems for me everytime :D