Friday, August 14, 2009

I am the thinker

A poem written below a painting

I am the thinker, the thinking, the thought.
I am the seeker, the seeking, the sought.
I am the dewdrop, the sunshine, the storm.
I am the phenomenon, the field, the form.
I am the desert, the ocean, the sky.
I am the Primeval Self in you and I.


  1. Hey, I like it... I like poems like this, that say so little n mean so much.

  2. I loved it and it's simple so it's easy to remember.:)

  3. it sounds like that, doesn't it?

    if you read the whole poem (which i finally found) you can see traces of the belief that all souls are one, no different from god

  4. hehehe
    i shall not say anything megs :P