Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Sounds of the Night

I associate the night with a a sense of quiet.
A silence that's peaceful.
A feeling of contentment that permeates into the core of my being.
I see the stars sparkling in the dark blue sky,
The moon casting it's cool, comforting glow, like a blanket over the sleeping world.
I hear no sound, except the occasional squeak of a rat scurrying into a hole,
The watchman shifting in his creaky chair,
My dog suddenly awakening from a deep sleep to let the world know that he is in here to protect his people.
And I sit here, enjoying the sounds of the night.


  1. love the peace it permeates within the reader and awakens images one can almost sketch if they are v v careful to quietly read. Loooooove it!! hugssssssssssss...xxxxx

  2. now u know why im up so late except in my case, there are about 10 dogs marking their territory :P

    but i loved it!

  3. thanks baks :)

    megs they are trying to protect their territory from you... that's probably the reason one of them bit you :P