Friday, October 30, 2009


I watched the movie yesterday. On the huge IMAX screen. It was great. I watched it once again today. It blew my mind.
Michael's genuis comes through so clearly in the documentary. If this was the rehearsal, the actual show would have been nothing short of phenomenal. Had Michael survived and done the show he would have definitely re-established his rightful place as the King of Pop.
The special effects for Thriller was great. Smooth Criminal continues to remain my most favourite MJ song, the video shot for the show was exciting. MJ singing and dancing to 'The way you make me feel' really got us girls going. The girl who danced with MJ for the song was hot! The show ended on a poignant note with The Man in the Mirror.
Throughout the documentary one thing was clearly shown... MJ's niceness. The man did not throw his weight around. I guess that's the mark of a true genius.


  1. im glad the movie lived up to your expectations... God knows how long id have to hear about it if it didnt :P

  2. hehe you'll be hearing about it anyway.