Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Verses written in the middle of studying

I need to study,
I have to do it now!
If I don't
I'll flunk! And how
Awful it will be
To repeat the term,
So study I will,
My mind is firm.

A stupid rhyme
This is, I know.
I'm wasting my time,
I am my own foe.

I love to learn
And write bad verse
I have to study
Examtime is the worst.

I feel pressured and stressed
To do my very best
But last minute mugging
Really doesn't help in a test.


  1. hahahhaa i like! n it so aptly describes how studying feels. but last minute studying does help. that is how i passed all my exams :P

  2. tht's how i passed all my exams too but somehow feel it wont work for this one

  3. hehe! tht was good! i dont remember ever studying :p