Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Think of You

When I hear children chatter,
When I see the flowers bloom,
When I see marbles scatter
Into different corners of a room,
I think of you.

When a loney puppy whines,
When a singer sings a song,
When for love I begin to pine
And wonder where it has gone,
I think of you.

When the evening sun goes down,
When the birds go home to roost,
When my smile turns into a frown
And my spirit needs a boost,
I think of you.

Thoughts of you make me happy,
They take away my fears,
I sometimes feel a little sappy
And I am filled with joyful tears
When I think of you.


Yes i know it is cheesy


  1. you shud send this to jaison on your wedding anniversary :P

  2. cute, reminds me of Louis's song... what a wonderful world.

  3. thanks
    yeah now tht u mention it, it's kinda like tht