Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another poem

im sad he's dead
this child of the sun
of the light, of the night.
the boy with the golden voice...

he had a spring in his step
music was his life.
children and giving -
with him i identify

privileged he seemed,
but worked for it day and night.
gave up his childhood
for a spot in the limelight.

over years he turned
from black to white,
while singing songs
like thriller and remember the time.

the man with the silver glove
and the smooth dance steps
moonwalked into fame.
to the press, this made him fair game

for lies and speculations
and tons of deceit.
deep into his shell
he would often retreat,

as on these accusations he dwelled.
a sideshow freak
he slowly became.
It seemed the world forgot his name.

till that dark day
when he died.
suddenly the world realized
what a truly great soul he was inside


  1. Teeena, this too is really good... what happened to you all of a sudden? why are you thinking of MJ so much...
    Love the poems...